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Welcome Mill Creek Seminary!

MillCreekLogoWe welcome Mill Creek Seminary into our family of fiscally sponsored organizations and projects and look forward to working with them in support of their vital ministries. From their application for sponsorship:

“Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the Mill Creek Tradition of Veritas Wicca; train and ordain clergy, provide religious services to our community, develop community resources and support and assist state and federal agencies provide religious accommodations for minority faiths.

Mill Creek Seminary is divided into three primary parts; community ministry, mystery school and prison ministry.

Mill Creek Community Ministry: for the past eight years our community ministry has provided free, open to the public bi-monthly community rituals, sabbat celebrations, classes and workshops. Our authorized representatives have continually offered a variety of religious services and spiritual support to our local community. Our Community Ministry also works in cooperation and support with other Pagan community leaders and organization in our vicinity.

Mill Creek Mystery School offers a progressive initiatory system consisting of five 13 month (minimum) degrees: the Novellus pre-initiation introductory program, the Viatori speculative development program, the Sodalis operative development program, the Prius primary leadership development program and the Paladin advanced leadership development program.

Mill Creek Prison Ministry: For the past six years our volunteer chaplains have assisted the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations in religious accommodations for multiple minority faith denominations, and provided face-to-face “on site” religious services on a weekly basis, serving over 100 inmates monthly. Our prison ministry has also provided nearly 1,000 copies of our self-published self-funded books and other materials to inmates, free of charge.”

Welcome Aboard, The Wild Hunt!


With great pleasure we can now announce that The Wild Hunt, the premier Pagan news journal, had been unanimously voted by the Board of Directors to be the first Fiscally Sponsored Organization of the Pantheon Foundation.

We look forward to working with Jason Pitzl-Waters, The Wild Hunt founder and Pantheon Foundation board member, Heather Greene, the new Managing editor, and all The Wild Hunt team, to ensure this vital institution of the Pagan community thrives and continues to serve our community well into the future, as it has so ably in the past.

Welcome Aboard!


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  1. I’m one of two clergypeople in the Temple of Inanna and Dumuzi in San Jose, CA. We’ve presented rituals at Pantheacon for the past several years. Since 2006, we’ve offered services out of my home on the Friday closest to each full moon, on the a holiday that happens to fall exactly on Passover and at the fall equinox. We have a ritual feast at every ritual. We also offer planetary mysteries.

    We’d be interested in finding out more about fiscal sponsorship, since I’ve been paying out of pocket for every feast and our priestess, Valerie Voigt, is unemployed and works full time without pay on her Pagan ministry (which includes other projects than just our temple, but the temple is a big part of it).

  2. I wold like to set up a grove but need money to by land so I would like to know if there is any grants I can get to fund it

    • Hello, The Pantheon Foundation does fiscal sponsorship, which enables groups to have 501c3 coverage without having expend the significant time, effort and funds to acquire it for themselves. However, we do not fund projects or organization, but can help our fiscal sponsorees raise funds. If you would like to discuss this, please let us know.
      sam webster, executive director

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