The Diotima Prize

Announcing: The Diotima Prize!

Simmler-DeotymaThe Pantheon Foundation announces The Diotima Prize to help support the educational goals of one Pagan student who is currently in an accredited seminary program.

Please find a spread sheet detailing the accounting data for the Diotima Prize, along with our other 2014 projects in the Pantheon Foundation Report PantheaCon 2015.

The merit-based Prize is named for Diotima of Mantinea, the philosopher and priestess who is the teacher of Socrates in the Symposium of Plato, explaining to him the path of Divine ascent through the contemplation of Eros and Beauty.

We invite all 2nd year, or later, committed Pagan Master of Divinity students at accredited seminaries in the United States to write an essay on the nature of Paganism and ministering to Pagans in a religious context. They will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors and the best selected will receive the annual scholarship. Scholarship funds will be raised by private donations and crowd-sourced campaign funding. Funds will be paid directly to the student. The more we raise, the more they get! All funds will be required to be returned should the student not complete the school year in which the funds are awarded.

Donors: Do you want to support the presence of the Pagan view in institutions of higher theological learning, and give a Pagan seminarian a boost for her/his educational needs? Please give to our Indiegogo Campaign here.

Applicants must provide the following:
1. A letter on letterhead from their accredited institution demonstrating current enrollment status.
2. A 1000 word essay addressing your personal definition of Paganism, the direction of your personal Pagan theology, and the role of ministering to Pagans in a religious context.
The recipient must provide a short report back to the Pantheon Foundation at the end of the school year with an update of their academic progress. Details of this report will be made available to the recipient at the time of the award.

All materials must be received by September 1.
Awards will be announced to the recipient by October 31.
Applications are to be sent to:


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