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This is the new parent page for the Pantheon Foundation’s Pagan Activism Conference Online, first run November 2014.

Please find a spread sheet detailing the accounting data for the Pagan Activism Conference On-line, along with our other 2014 projects in the Pantheon Foundation Report PantheaCon 2015. We were pleased to be able to give all of the net proceeds of the event to the speakers and coordinators.

This innovative Conference, in service to the national Pagan community, took place entirely online, allowing for participants from every region of the US to attend. PACO provided valuable, insightful information from experienced and innovative Pagan activists and community voices. Our interactive presentations and discussion panels, regarding infrastructures that serve Pagan organizational and individual activism, featured some of the most experienced and accomplished leaders in their respective areas.

The goal of the Conference was to equip Pagan activists from all over the country with the tools necessary to advance the goals and aims of their own activist efforts, and to build bridges between Pagan activists for mutual support.

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This year’s Sessions:

Earth Activism
Speaking: Celia Alario (Journalist and Professor), Andy Conn (Radical Pagan Activist & Funster), Laurie Lovekraft (Priestess and Environmental Activist), Starhawk (Author and Activist)

Online Media Activism Panel
Speaking: Heather Greene (The Wild Hunt), David Salisbury (Human Rights Campaign), John Medellin (Pantheon Foundation), Tim Titus, and Stephanie Ivy Whiteside (AJ+)

Activism Among Pagans of Color
Speaking: Khi Armand (Conjure Professional), Crystal Blanton (Author & Priestess), Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir (Activist & Priestess) and Black Witch (Activist & Blogger)

Pagan LGBTQI and Gender Activism
Speaking: Elena Rose (Activist for Gender & Racial Empowerment), Lou Flores (Gay Pagan Conjure Worker), and P Sufenas Virius Lupus (Metagender Scholar & Activist)

Care and Feeding of Pagan Activists
Speaking: John Beckett (Druid & Blogger), Soli Zat Johnson (Activist & Blogger), Rhiannon Laakso (Advocate for Pagans with Diverse Abilities), Rion Roberts (Ritualist)

Keynote Address by T. Thorn Coyle, Activist & Author

Pagans & Infrastructure: Serving Your Cause Effectively
Speaking: Alley Valkyrie (Homeless advocate in WA), Ankhira Swordplow (Bay Area Fundraising Professional), Carolina Amor Boggs (Bi-Lingual Priestess), and Sam Webster (Nonprofit Executive Director)

Know Your Pagan Religious Rights
Speaking: Byron Ballard (Asheville’s “Village Witch” and Public Schools Activist), Christina DiEdoardo (Attorney & Activist), and Cara Shultz (Author & Civic Activist)

Consenting Adults: Sexual Ethics in the Pagan Community
Speaking: Christine Hoff Kraemer (Author and Theologian), Shauna Aura Knight, (Sex Positivity Activist & Author), Laurie Lovekraft (Priestess & Environmental Activist), Rabbit Matthews (Anti-Rape & Feminist Activist) and LaSara Firefox Allen (Author & Activist)

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