Founding Donors

During our launch at PantheaCon 2014 these noble souls donated funds to support the mission and operations of the Pantheon Foundation.

May the blessings they offer return ten-fold upon all they do!

Elizabeth Berman
Devin Blong
Liesl Cluff
Brian Cole
Lon Milo Duquette
Kevin Faulkner
J. “Gaddy” Gadbois
Christina Gargiullo
Lee Gilmore
Jeremy Glick
Jordan Gruber
Robert Alan Hager
Janet Hayes
Jasmine Herrick
Andrea Hess & Bella Thelema
Kai Koumatos
Molly McEnerney
Steven McIntosh
Mill Creek Seminary
Elena Perez
Albert Robles
Fenwick Rysen
Kate Schoh
Sam Webster

This blessing was written on one of the envelopes:

“May the stars shine upon this work with beneficence.
May this work be blessed – May this work be a blessing.
That which is true, never dies.
For the future & into the future:
For enlightenment, & liberation:
For the normalization of adepthood:
For a healthy, wholesome, thriving & sustainable cult of the Gods –
May the Pantheon be built, May it endure.
May it thrive, in blessedness & blessing.
So. Mote. It. Be. [sigil]”

We bow in gratitude

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