Annual Report 2017

The Foundation has been soul searching to reawaken its mission: To provide organizational support for the practice of Pagan religion and the fostering of Pagan Ministry. To study the history, promote the culture, and advance the social welfare of Pagans and the Pagan community.

We have recentered on our original core organization. The Foundation began as the need for the OSOGD to be non-profit strengthened, but why solve a problem for only one group? Why not create an organization that would require us to practice community development and network building? As other co-creators came in, the direction of that development had a social justice activism character to it from those collaborators. Without them, we have returned to our core strengths.

Our function is primarily religious. We create opportunities for folk to practice Pagan religion. We educate, mostly Pagan people about the history, culture, and practice of Pagan religion.

Our social activism has not ended, but re-centered on the power of religion to create, to critique, and to convey the values of individuals and society. By this we change the problematic element in our world today: humans.

The tool we are using for organizing and to collect the necessary power to cause change is the coin, most overlooked of the magical tools. We deliver financial (and other) services in exchange for a percentage of traffic (10% of deposits) as a way of paying for the professional delivery of those services. For the moment, because our needs are small we have suspended our work with Jitasa, an accountancy specializing in nonprofit organizations. Once we expand sufficiently we will reactivate that relationship.

Today we provide fiscal sponsorship for the OSOGD and the Temple of Innana and Demuzi, relatively small operations ($5k, $1k), and so generating $600 of operating budget per year. Over time as more groups or projects need 501(c)(3) coverage and the financial services to do that easily, we expect that number to grow.

Projects are a powerful way to make headway in the world. The OSOGD has just started a distance learning program using Zoom on the Foundation’s contract (costing $140 ann.). This brought in $500 its first month ($50 in fees). Eventually we will be back at Jitasa-level funding.

As ever, fees collected for services are how we fund our operations. All donations we have ever been given have been held for use in initiatives. For example, we have collected funds for specific usages such as the Diotima Fund, providing a small scholarship to Master of Divinity students at accredited seminaries. However, we also have a special fund of the seed money that we were given when we launched. This $3,000 is awaiting the right project or initiative. Do you have any ideas? Let us know at

Once we find a person with accountancy and bookkeeping skills we will certainly resume the Jitasa service. We are also seeking a skilled communications person, too. If you can recommend anyone or are interested, please contact us.

A loaf of bread is the result of many seeds. From many small works comes great benefit.
For the Foundation,
sam webster, phd
executive director
pantheon fundation

2016 Annual Report

The past year for the Pantheon Foundation has been a quiet one. We have been regrouping after the changes in our constituency. In this station-keeping mode, we have been supporting our fiscal sponsorees, consolidating our infrastructure, and preparing for our next cycle of work.

Drawing on our depth of skill and resources, the OSOGD will be launching a new distance learning program called the “Golden Dawn Academy” to serve the many interested students who have contacted the Order but who live outside the San Francisco Bay area. The program will deliver the classes using the Zoom video conferencing platform and record them for asynchronous use. The first of several planned courses will be the core Golden Dawn curriculum as taught by the OSOGD. Enrollment is currently open and classes start April 13, 2017.

Financially, we are stable, if lean. Donated funds have been segregated from operational finances and we are investigating various initiatives with which to benefit the Pagan community by deploying those funds. Suggestions and ideas are most welcome.

We will be at PantheaCon again this year. Come visit us in our suite shared with the OSOGD and the Am Duat Shrine, say hello and have a drink!

Our Annual Report

Friends and Supporters of the Pantheon Foundation,

I am pleased to release our first annual report. It is something of a mix, but it contains a real vision for the future. We would very much appreciate any comment or feedback you have to offer. We are especially interested in your views of how the Foundation could be of greater service to you and the Pagan community. Please write us at

You can find the pdf of the report here.

We felt it important that we release this report on the Solstice, but our accounting work is not complete. We apologize, and expect it to be complete and posted during the week between the holidays. Please check back at the turn of the year.

We here at the Pantheon Foundation wish you all the brightest blessings of the Yuletide Season, and all health and prosperity in the New Year!
Sam Webster, executive director
Pantheon Foundation

Visit us at PantheaCon!–Suite 1060

37c33489-5b03-4558-b59b-4ccedc625733If you are coming to PantheaCon this year, come stop by our hospitality suite #1060 and say hello.

6:30-7pm Establishing the Altar of Hermes
7:30-8:30pm Foundation Reception

7:30-9pm, OSOGD Reception

Saturday & Sunday:
9pm to Midnight, Esoterica Lounge.

We will be establishing the Altar of Hermes, one of our Divine Patrons, Friday night from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Then, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. we will hold a reception for the Foundation welcoming our fiscal sponsorees, donors, supporters, friends and inquirers to report on our accomplishments of the past year, our hopes for the next one and open a dialogue on how the Foundation can better serve our community.

Saturday, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., the OSOGD will be holding a reception: “Curious about the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn? Wonder what it is like to be a member? Well, come on up and ask! Meet with some of the fraters and sorors of the OSOGD in the Pantheon Foundation Suite. OSOGD members will be available to answer those questions and more. Plus we’ll have refreshments!”

Saturday and Sunday nights from 9 p.m. to Midnight is the Esoterica Lounge. Come relax with old friends and meet new ones in a “chill space” house of Gods and Goddesses. On Saturday, serving as a quieter atmosphere from the illustrious Green Fairy Party, the Pantheon Foundation Suite will be open to the public and invite you to come in, sip wine and converse about all things esoteric. Spend time in delightful devotion with Aphrodite, trade riddles with Hermes, wax philosophical with Baphomet …

Check the Schedule on the Door for more exciting events.

Pagan Activism Conference Online a Rousing Success!

811d670f-3163-4a97-a228-3044754659e8With 84 registrants for the conference, and between 27 and 34 attendees per session, the Pantheon Foundation declares this conference a success. We feel very full of mind and heart after listening to all the presenters and attendees discuss each of the topics with rich informational exchange, fantastic presentations, and some great questions emerging, such as “What gives you the strength to keep on keeping on?” and “Where do we go from here?”

Ideas for next steps on our end include starting a weekly round-up of Pagan Activist blog posts from our presenters and wider community, an annual Journal of Pagan Activism Studies, and future online classes and discussion groups featuring some of our presenters from this Conference as well as other Pagan Activist leaders. You’ll be able to learn more about these initiatives if you join our newsletter here. And, of course, we are really looking forward to next year’s PACO! How about you? What are you moved to do, coming away from this experience?

The Foundation thanks all of the attendees for their presence and thoughtful discussion. It is our honor to serve you.

We bow in gratitude to all of the presenters: Celia Alario, Andy Conn, Laurie Lovekraft, Starhawk, Heather Greene, David Salisbury, John Medellin, Tim Titus, Stephanie Ivy Whiteside, Khi Armand, Crystal Blanton, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir, Black Witch, Elena Rose, Lou Flores, P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Dee Schull, John Beckett, Soli Zat Johnson, Rhiannon Laakso, Rion Roberts, T. Thorn Coyle, Alley Valkyrie, Ankhira Swordplow, Carolina Amor Boggs, Byron Ballard, Christina DiEdoardo, Cara Shultz, Christine Hoff Kraemer, Shauna Aura Knight, Rabbit Matthews, and LaSara Firefox Allen.

Special thanks goes to the organizers Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir, and Yeshe Rabbit Matthews, who made it all happen.

Thanks again to everyone for attending PACO 2014. The social feed for the Conference is are using the hashtags #PACO and #RITEaction for the whole event, as well as hashtags for the separate panels: #PACOECO, #PACOMedia, #PACOPOC, #PACOGender, #PACOCare, #PACOBuild, #PACORights, and #PACOConsent.

May the work be blessed!
sam webster, e.d.

Now a 501(c)3 Pagan religious non-profit corporation

Gentle Pagans,

It is with very great pleasure that I can inform you that we have been granted 501(c)3 public charity status by the IRS.

All donations to the Pantheon Foundation or its projects or organizations back to November 17 2013 (yes, one year ago) are now tax-deductible.
If you have donated, we will be getting documentation to you before tax time for your next filing.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements this week, and be sure to register for our Pagan Activism Conference Online coming this weekend!

Now the Work really begins!
Sam Webster
Executive Director
Pantheon Foundation,
a 501(c)3 Pagan religious non-profit corporation

T. Thorn Coyle & Starhawk…at my kitchen table?

811d670f-3163-4a97-a228-3044754659e8As a nonprofit organization with a national focus, the Pantheon Foundation seeks to create events & offerings that will be accessible to all Pagans. Our forthcoming Pagan Activism Conference Online (PACO) is a good example of this. At this event, you will be able to welcome accomplished and respected Pagan Activist leaders into your home via video conference, regardless of your location.

Think about it: when was the last time you sat down for a chat at your kitchen table with the likes of T. Thorn Coyle, or Starhawk? At this event, that is exactly what you will be able to do.

People at PACO will be connecting from all over America Nov 21-23 to hear from some of the brightest, most forward-thinking voices for change in the Pagan community. There are 9 sessions in the Conference, focused on Earth Activism, Activism Among Pagans of Color, Gender & Sexuality, Online Media Activism, Sexual Consent, and more. Each panelist will be making a brief presentation during their session, and then the floor will open to broader discussion, Q & A, and resource-sharing.

Think of it, you could be sitting there, with your cup of tea and your cat in your lap, chatting away with some of the folks whose work you have come to respect, right in your own home.

In addition to the video aspect of each session, there is also a chat window available for your use, so that you and the other attendees and presenters can share links, ask questions, raise points, and converse during the session. Allowing for multiple points of contact is our goal here. The conversation is richer and more dynamic that way.

Take a peek at the list of presenters and panels here. Would you like to invite any of these folks to your home for tea and a conversation? Then purchase your PACO ticket and put on the kettle, because we’re coming over!

PACO Organizers cutting price of admission?!

YES! Read on!

The Pagan Activism Conference Online organizing team is getting excited for the upcoming event, Nov 21-23, 2014. We have lined up some awesome presenters (Keynote speaker T. Thorn Coyle, Starhawk, Shauna Aura Knight, Crystal Blanton, David Salisbury, Cara Schultz, Byron Ballard, and others) to speak on a wide variety of issues relevant to the welfare of the Pagan community and our collective future.

(To complete calendar listing)

The Pantheon Foundation’s mission is to provide infrastructure and institutional empowerment to our oft-marginalized religious population by providing fiscal and organizational support, sponsorship, and tools to Pagans and Pagan organizations. This conference is but one example of the ways in which we are trying to do that.

We’ve had a few sensitive queries about the ticket cost of PACO, which was formerly listed at $100 per ticket for the whole weekend conference and $20 per individual panel. A few folks have let us know that this cost is just too far outside the means of an activist’s budget for their comfort.

We’re really glad you spoke up. We get it. The economy is tough on everyone right now. Our desire is to provide you with the tools to build the world you want to live in, not for finances to keep you from accessing those tools.

As a result of your feedback, we have decided to cut the ticket cost for this event dramatically, to allow more people to attend. Starting today, tickets for the entire event will be $40 instead of $100, with individual panel tickets being $10 instead of $20. Those who purchased tickets previously will be contacted to see if they prefer to bring a friend, or to receive a pro-rated refund.

The proceeds from this event will still go directly to our presenters, to support their good work. We hope that taking this dramatic step will make it more accessible to all, and that you will be able to join us.

And for those for whom the cost of a ticket is still out of reach, don’t forget that we are giving away two free tickets next week via lottery. Just send your name, phone number, and email address to with the Subject “PACO Free Ticket” to be entered in our drawing. Winners will be announced Monday, Nov 10.

Thanks for your feedback, patience, and openness about your needs. It’s so important to us, as we grow, to hear how we can best serve you. And it’s our hope that with dialogue, support, and events like these, we can build a better Pagan future together. #PACO #riteaction

To complete Calendar listing