The Tara Webster Memorial Fund

The Tara Webster Memorial Fund is a project to raise and grant $50,000 over the next 5 years in funds for end-of-life medical care, at-home assistance, medications/equipment, and associated needs to Pagan individuals who have reached a critical state in need of hospice.

This Fund, created in memory of the Pantheon Foundation Executive Director’s deceased wife, is unique in both the ambition of its goal, and the scope of those who might come to need it. Regardless of our differing views, practices, and beliefs in this diverse Pagan community, we all face death at some time. It is the Foundation’s mission to provide support to Pagans at all stages of life. At this time of year, when many Pagans are honoring the departed, we ask for your help to bring funds directly to those who are suffering and in need as they approach that most universal of experiences, the end of life. Please, give generously to this Fund if you can, and invite others to do the same.

The Tara Webster Memorial Fund will begin dispensing grants from this Fund via application in November 2015.

Tara Webster was a skilled priestess and a renown psychotherapist. She was struck down by brain cancer at age 46, spending much of the last year of her life in progressively deepening confusion, requiring constant care and attention. Because of the help we received, Tara’s final days were spent surrounded by loving, kind, and skillful support. No one who faces such a crisis should have to be alone. Please help us build the support system to care for our dying with dignity. It is our final duty to each other.

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