A Successful Launch

At PantheaCon this year we launched the Pantheon Foundation to a packed crowd with high hopes. We are humbled by the trust invested in us by the community, pledge ourselves to be worthy of that trust, and to earn it every day.

Our gratitude goes out to the many people who donated during the launch. We bow before your generosity.

To close, some words about the spirit of our project…


Our way to the realization of a Pagan future
will not be through the Sword
     we will foment no fruitless armed insurrection
Nor will it be through the Cup
     no Dionysian revolution will overthrow our sick society
Nor even through the Wand
     for the laws of this land are used against us
     and we have little access to the halls of justice
But the Coin is for All
     with it we can slowly build, collect real power,
     train leaders, and enact good stewardship
and build a Pagan future



A Successful Launch — 1 Comment

  1. A foundation like this is something I have been looking into as well. I not only applaud your efforts, but would like to know what I can do to help. I’m looking forward to more information!