PACO Organizers cutting price of admission?!

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The Pagan Activism Conference Online organizing team is getting excited for the upcoming event, Nov 21-23, 2014. We have lined up some awesome presenters (Keynote speaker T. Thorn Coyle, Starhawk, Shauna Aura Knight, Crystal Blanton, David Salisbury, Cara Schultz, Byron Ballard, and others) to speak on a wide variety of issues relevant to the welfare of the Pagan community and our collective future.

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The Pantheon Foundation’s mission is to provide infrastructure and institutional empowerment to our oft-marginalized religious population by providing fiscal and organizational support, sponsorship, and tools to Pagans and Pagan organizations. This conference is but one example of the ways in which we are trying to do that.

We’ve had a few sensitive queries about the ticket cost of PACO, which was formerly listed at $100 per ticket for the whole weekend conference and $20 per individual panel. A few folks have let us know that this cost is just too far outside the means of an activist’s budget for their comfort.

We’re really glad you spoke up. We get it. The economy is tough on everyone right now. Our desire is to provide you with the tools to build the world you want to live in, not for finances to keep you from accessing those tools.

As a result of your feedback, we have decided to cut the ticket cost for this event dramatically, to allow more people to attend. Starting today, tickets for the entire event will be $40 instead of $100, with individual panel tickets being $10 instead of $20. Those who purchased tickets previously will be contacted to see if they prefer to bring a friend, or to receive a pro-rated refund.

The proceeds from this event will still go directly to our presenters, to support their good work. We hope that taking this dramatic step will make it more accessible to all, and that you will be able to join us.

And for those for whom the cost of a ticket is still out of reach, don’t forget that we are giving away two free tickets next week via lottery. Just send your name, phone number, and email address to with the Subject “PACO Free Ticket” to be entered in our drawing. Winners will be announced Monday, Nov 10.

Thanks for your feedback, patience, and openness about your needs. It’s so important to us, as we grow, to hear how we can best serve you. And it’s our hope that with dialogue, support, and events like these, we can build a better Pagan future together. #PACO #riteaction

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PACO Organizers cutting price of admission?! — 2 Comments

  1. Will the conference and individual panels be accessible through the Pantheon Foundations main website, or will the information for where to access the conference be given after one has paid their entrance fees?

  2. Hi Celestine,

    Once we have received the email from Paypal letting us know you have registered, we will send you an acknowledgment of your registration. Then, the week of PACO, we will send you links to the Conference rooms of the panels you have selected. In the case of those who purchase full-Conference tickets, we will send you links to all of the panels.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line at