Pagan Activism Conference Online a Rousing Success!

811d670f-3163-4a97-a228-3044754659e8With 84 registrants for the conference, and between 27 and 34 attendees per session, the Pantheon Foundation declares this conference a success. We feel very full of mind and heart after listening to all the presenters and attendees discuss each of the topics with rich informational exchange, fantastic presentations, and some great questions emerging, such as “What gives you the strength to keep on keeping on?” and “Where do we go from here?”

Ideas for next steps on our end include starting a weekly round-up of Pagan Activist blog posts from our presenters and wider community, an annual Journal of Pagan Activism Studies, and future online classes and discussion groups featuring some of our presenters from this Conference as well as other Pagan Activist leaders. You’ll be able to learn more about these initiatives if you join our newsletter here. And, of course, we are really looking forward to next year’s PACO! How about you? What are you moved to do, coming away from this experience?

The Foundation thanks all of the attendees for their presence and thoughtful discussion. It is our honor to serve you.

We bow in gratitude to all of the presenters: Celia Alario, Andy Conn, Laurie Lovekraft, Starhawk, Heather Greene, David Salisbury, John Medellin, Tim Titus, Stephanie Ivy Whiteside, Khi Armand, Crystal Blanton, Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir, Black Witch, Elena Rose, Lou Flores, P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, Dee Schull, John Beckett, Soli Zat Johnson, Rhiannon Laakso, Rion Roberts, T. Thorn Coyle, Alley Valkyrie, Ankhira Swordplow, Carolina Amor Boggs, Byron Ballard, Christina DiEdoardo, Cara Shultz, Christine Hoff Kraemer, Shauna Aura Knight, Rabbit Matthews, and LaSara Firefox Allen.

Special thanks goes to the organizers Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir, and Yeshe Rabbit Matthews, who made it all happen.

Thanks again to everyone for attending PACO 2014. The social feed for the Conference is are using the hashtags #PACO and #RITEaction for the whole event, as well as hashtags for the separate panels: #PACOECO, #PACOMedia, #PACOPOC, #PACOGender, #PACOCare, #PACOBuild, #PACORights, and #PACOConsent.

May the work be blessed!
sam webster, e.d.

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