Pantheon Welcomes New Advisors to Diversity Committee

handsThe Pantheon Foundation Advisory Board is growing, and in June we welcomed four new advisors to help guide the work of Pantheon’s Diversity Committee, a working group committed to advancing justice, inclusion, and pluralism within the broader Pagan community. The Diversity Committee will help Pantheon respond appropriately to the needs of under-served communities, including people of color, LGBTQ Pagans, English language-learners, and others. The new advisors are Carolina Amor, Crystal Blanton, Lou Florez, and Mary Gee. Brief bios of each member are posted at the Pantheon Foundation website. Please take a moment to get to know these talented and dedicated volunteers.

This summer, along with Pantheon board members Janet Hayes and Jessica (Rabbit) Matthews, the new advisors are crafting Pantheon Foundation’s non-discrimination and diversity policies. We will be publishing the final documents on our website within the next few weeks.

In addition to their work with the Diversity Committee, each of our advisors brings a range of other valuable skills and experiences. Some will be serving Pantheon Foundation in multiple capacities.  A new working group soon will start developing sexual conduct and safety guidelines that are sensitive to the complexities of Pagan communities, including non-heteronormative power dynamics. Other topics the Diversity Committee will address include age discrimination and recognition of the unique needs of diversely-abled people.

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