Activism Among Pagans of Color

Activism Among Pagans of Color
Speaking: Khi Armand (Conjure Professional), Crystal Blanton (Author & Priestess), Xochiquetzal Duti Odinsdottir (Activist & Priestess) and Black Witch (Activist & Blogger)

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Chat Text:

12:05:53     From Yeshe Rabbit : I think it is likely we will have several good quotes emerge during this discussion. If you want to tweet or quote on FB, go ahead and use the hashtags #PACOPOC, #PACO, and #RITEaction
12:14:23     From Yeshe Rabbit : There are so many ways to be an activist. Our writers are such a precious resource of wisdom and information. Thank you, Black Witch!
12:18:03     From Erica Shadowsong : if I’d known there was a society… lol
12:18:12     From River : <3
12:18:22     From Xochiquetzal, : We have a handshake!
12:18:34     From Erica Shadowsong : hahahaha
12:18:39     From Khi Armand : Changing the stories we tell!
12:18:47     From Xochiquetzal, : Yes.
12:19:14     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : culture change!
12:19:18     From Erica Shadowsong : I love monsters
12:19:47     From River : Sing it. So much wisdom here.
12:19:54     From Yeshe Rabbit : POWERFUL
12:20:00     From Janet Hayes : Can’t wait to read Elena’s book!
12:20:04     From Erica Shadowsong : LOL yeah me too
12:20:36     From Xochiquetzal, : *fucking praise hands*
12:20:44     From Crystal Blanton : LOVE IT
12:20:46     From Yeshe Rabbit : THIS.
12:21:02     From Lou Florez : its time to reclaim our narratives outside of the “white” gaze!
12:21:07     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : whoa
12:21:52     From Yeshe Rabbit : The “thug” was “just asking for it” in the current zeitgeist. It’s an inherently “power-over” dynamic of the white gaze Lou mentions above.
12:22:26     From Yeshe Rabbit : “who does the magnanimous including”
12:22:36     From Erica Shadowsong : Elena what examples of these kinds of stories have you seen?
12:22:36     From River : ME TOO
12:22:40     From margo : very powerful!
12:22:43     From Khi Armand : We must tell new stories. We MUST tell new stories.
12:22:45     From Vyviane : Me Too!!
12:22:48     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Aren’t we all in love with her!
12:22:51     From Yeshe Rabbit : ELENA ROSE GODDESS!
12:22:55     From alley valkyrie : wow. yes.
12:22:57     From Jaina Bee : YES!
12:23:04     From Vyviane : That was great Elena. Do you have a blog or website? I’d like to follow along at home.
12:23:06     From Camilla Laurentine : I can’t wait to read your book, Elena!  Wow!
12:23:11     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : Elena just broke my heart with the monster thing
12:23:15     From Lasara Allen : Yes, WOW on the monster concept. Can’t wait to read your book.
12:23:21     From John Medellin : SRSLY
12:24:13     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : Crystal that sounds like a lot of responsibility and pressure
12:24:31     From Xochiquetzal, : Because it is. It really is.
12:24:36     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : yup
12:25:00     From Erica Shadowsong : crystal appreciate that…it speaks to the sometimes reluctance as a POC to be a representative of some kind and not being able to just “be”…but in a sense it’s very true, it’s a responsibility to be aware of…kind of empowering
12:25:24     From Elena Rose : I’m writing as fast as I can!
12:25:26     From Elena Rose : <3
12:26:18     From Crystal Blanton : absolutely Erica. We are treated in every aspect as a representative… and do not have the privilege of just being… most of the time.
12:26:24     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : thank you for that Xochi
12:26:52     From Crystal Blanton : It can be pressure. Sometimes that pressure is challenging but most of the time I feel it is an honor.
12:26:54     From Lasara Allen : :/
12:26:56     From Elena Rose : Amen!
12:27:42     From Erica Shadowsong : as a pagan of color, I find I often feel ill suited to the task because I”m already participating in a fringe identity…I have no idea if my experience is at all representative and partly feel an outsider myself anyway in that group I”m presumed to represent or think I’m “supposed” to
12:27:50     From Heather Freysdottir & Aika Sumeragi : Question for Xochi: suggestion for those who would like to be a good ally to broach these subjects without acting like that white person who is being presumptuous
12:27:51     From Heather Freysdottir & Aika Sumeragi : ?
12:27:53     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Is the thing which white people often say, that “XYZ POC needs to address that issue,” an abdication of our responsibility to advance those anti-racist dialogues?
12:28:02     From River : YES. Allies should be stepping up more.
12:28:05     From alley valkyrie : yep
12:28:12     From Yeshe Rabbit : Stepping up but not stepping on or stepping over
12:28:13     From alley valkyrie : and i see it all the time.
12:28:14     From Bethie : It’s hard. It was like Ellen’s resistance regarding coming out. She did not feel like she wanted to be the poster child of LGBT+. But at a certain point, if we are out there and loud, people can no longer ignore us.
12:28:15     From Erica Shadowsong : wonder if allies are afraid and that’s why
12:28:32     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : there is some fear
12:28:33     From John Medellin : How can allies step up without appropriating the voice of those they are trying to uplift? (I’m asking for ideas, not negating your idea.)
12:28:40     From Lou Florez : Thank you Khi!!
12:28:56     From Lasara Allen : I greatly appreciate what Xochi is saying, and would love more info on how to walk the line of allyship – respect and not stepping on, making room for marginalized voices – and standing up and taking on the work.
12:28:59     From River : Yes, Khi! Thank you for voicing this!!
12:29:05     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : I wonder, Erica, if some of that fear is fear of appropriating, speaking over people, etc.  It’s good people are sensitive, but when does sensitivity become abdication of our responsibilities?
12:29:16     From Erica Shadowsong : yes I’m sensitive to the fear problem
12:29:18     From Lasara Allen : I don’t know if that’s clear, but there is a question in there.
12:29:26     From Erica Shadowsong : agree Lasara
12:29:32     From Crystal Blanton : got that Lasara
12:29:36     From Yeshe Rabbit : I’m duly grabbing and will toss the question back to Crystal
12:29:44     From Yeshe Rabbit : Ah! Great!
12:29:45     From Crystal Blanton : thank you
12:30:12     From Erica Shadowsong : such good points Khi thank you
12:30:48     From Elena Rose : YES
12:30:49     From Xochiquetzal, : One of the KEY things I have seen is being sure to ALWAYS preface a statement for the anti-racist stance as pointing out that YOU, yourself are anti-racist. That you are coming not from a place of, “ugh, you guys, not this again” but rather, “This is absolutely unacceptable.” The firmness and difference in the two statements can definitely change the energy and the way that things are received.
12:30:50     From Yeshe Rabbit : guarding the sovereignty of POC to determine their own priorities, authority, and solutions
12:30:51     From River : soul theft – love that concept
12:31:01     From Lasara Allen : microagression as soul theft – yes.
12:31:04     From River : (love the calling it that, don’t love that it happens 😛 )
12:31:14     From Crystal Blanton : I love the soul theft of micro aggression concept!!!!
12:31:19     From Xochiquetzal, : PSVL: Yes, at times it can be.
12:31:27     From Erica Shadowsong : I think people should simply speak out when something is wrong, and worry less about what “kind” of wrong it is.  we can all develop the habit to overcome fears easier
12:31:30     From Erica Shadowsong : imho
12:31:48     From Vyviane : I am not sure I know what a microagression is. Anyone have a quick definition? I will look it up further later on.
12:31:59     From Crystal Blanton : I can address that
12:32:04     From Erica Shadowsong : Vyviane, it often looks like a misunderstanding
12:32:06     From Erica Shadowsong : and sometimes is
12:32:15     From Xochiquetzal, : The slights and snubs that people of color receive unconsciously from white people out and about.
12:32:19     From Erica Shadowsong : but most often it’s an insentivie comment or question that focuses on your difference
12:32:33     From Xochiquetzal, : It can be as small as giving them a second look to deliberately following them in supermarkets.
12:32:35     From Xochiquetzal, : :/
12:33:32     From Yeshe Rabbit : I have also seen micro aggressions as things like backhanded compliments, or giving someone a “big responsibility” on a project, but in title only, not real power
12:33:37     From Vyviane : Thank you. I think I get it now.
12:33:39     From Erica Shadowsong : yes exactly
12:34:16     From Vyviane : I will delve into it deeper after confrence.
12:34:44     From Elena Rose : Preach preach preach!
12:34:53     From Yeshe Rabbit : I see this a lot among Americans in Tibetan Buddhism, who think that Tibetans are “cute” or “enlightened” but fail to acknowledge the very real struggle for national sovereignty
12:34:57     From Xochiquetzal, : My praise hands gonna get tired today.
12:35:05     From Lou Florez : That Voodoo, Palo, IFA, Santeria, Southern Rootwork are all the same!
12:35:12     From Xochiquetzal, : ^^^^ THAT!!!!
12:35:16     From John Medellin : ^THAT
12:35:21     From River : ^^yep yep yep
12:35:45     From Erica Shadowsong : you’re ruining the fantasy…which I think is actually a journey of some white people to reclaim and reconnect with a sense of true culture of their own, outside of “whiteness.”  I think that’s why in fringe communities this racist kind of silencing is so prevalent…because it really feels like something is at stake
12:36:00     From Elena Rose : Absolutely, Erica.
12:36:01     From Lou Florez : and fetishing of magic!
12:36:06     From Crystal Blanton : not the redskins cap!!!
12:36:09     From Crystal Blanton : Love it
12:36:13     From Yeshe Rabbit : Erica that is really strong May I quote you?
12:36:18     From Erica Shadowsong : yes definitely
12:36:30     From Yeshe Rabbit : TY
12:37:02     From Lou Florez : and Egyptian dieties look European
12:37:05     From Erica Shadowsong : yeah
12:37:14     From Crystal Blanton : and the Yemaya statues look European
12:37:38     From margo : yes
12:37:42     From Erica Shadowsong : I feel like it’s double impact for feminine figures, all of which are sexualized or “virginalized” if that makes sense lol
12:37:43     From Xochiquetzal, : Hooks get to go into outsider cultures, but we’re not allowed to remove them….
12:37:45     From River : ^^ depends on whose statue, some look Latina, especially the ones coming out of Cuba or Brasil…
12:38:10     From Erica Shadowsong : yes but which latinas?
12:38:16     From Xochiquetzal, : That!
12:38:21     From Lou Florez : !
12:38:24     From Khi Armand : The ones I see coming out of Cuba are often white and NYC botanica owners will argue with you if you are adamant about purchasing a dark-skinned one.
12:38:38     From River : *nod* true
12:39:03     From Lou Florez : wow!!!!
12:39:25     From Erica Shadowsong : right elena…hard to do activism on behalf of such people when not connected with them ourselves
12:39:38     From Yeshe Rabbit : Without immediate experience, exoticization is easier for folks to get away with
12:39:45     From Xochiquetzal, : I’ve only ever had ONE darker skinned statue. And I gave it as a gift to a friend who is Cuban. And I don’t regret it, other than the struggle to find another.
12:39:52     From Xochiquetzal, : I will if necessary, repaint a statue.
12:40:09     From Khi Armand : Same here.
12:40:46     From Yeshe Rabbit : That, what you are describing Elena, strikes me as the privilege the ally refuses to acknowledge
12:41:02     From Erica Shadowsong : yeah good point
12:41:06     From Yeshe Rabbit : the *would-be ally
12:41:15     From John Medellin : yup
12:41:39     From Erica Shadowsong : I think it speaks to the fear we all have if we don’t partiicpate in the dominant culture.  to participate in whiteness, you had to give up something to begin with, even if you don’t know it.  so yeah, I imagine it would be scary to even think of giving that up, if that’s all you’ve ever known
12:41:47     From Crystal Blanton : speak it!!!
12:41:48     From Khi Armand : This is the 1970s for many indigenous peoples on Turtle Island
12:41:57     From Yeshe Rabbit : YES
12:42:06     From Erica Shadowsong : Elena that drives me CRAZY!!! lol
12:42:18     From River : Yes yes yes, Elena
12:42:21     From Xochiquetzal, : It’s also a fear of letting go of the comfort the dominant paradigm gives people.
12:42:37     From Erica Shadowsong : like saying “the Indian Cinderella” or the “African Hamlet…” we do it with folklore
12:42:38     From Lou Florez : what does it look like to bring a POC lens to European based worship, Goddess, etc?
12:42:43     From Xochiquetzal, : It’s comforting to white people to NOT have to think of what my life experiences are like or were or are…
12:42:49     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : So, would a so-called “hard” polytheist framework be an anti-colonial stance?
12:43:10     From River : *wince* that is so incredibly awful.
12:43:31     From River : So much of this is why I left generic
12:43:34     From Xochiquetzal, : Justice is Just Us.
12:43:43     From Erica Shadowsong : Elena that speaks to a fundamental misunderstanding of the essence of being a woman.  without knowing it, we do further violence to the spirit of womanhood by staking it on this or that other criteria that was forced on us too
12:43:46     From River : “paganism” and eclectic wicca-style stuff…
12:44:08     From alley valkyrie : PSVL: as i see it, yes.
12:44:21     From alley valkyrie : wow. thank you so much, elena
12:44:25     From Yeshe Rabbit : Lou, my approach as an ally to Tibet is that I bring Paganism to the Dharma. I don’t try to get the Dharma to conform to Paganism. If that makes sense.
12:44:38     From Erica Shadowsong : yes Yeshe makes sense
12:44:43     From Lou Florez : definitely!!!!
12:45:04     From margo : thank you for sharing your story, Elena.
12:45:09     From Erica Shadowsong : yes thank you
12:45:57     From Yeshe Rabbit : Elena, I am so sorry that happened to you.
12:46:00     From margo : Erica.. your comment was spot on..about understanding the essence of womanhood.
12:46:02     From Xochiquetzal, : *snapping til the fingers bleed*
12:46:06     From Yeshe Rabbit : You deserve better, and feminism needs you.
12:46:11     From Yeshe Rabbit : Literally, needs your wisdom
12:46:26     From Lasara Allen : ^^^ that.
12:48:13     From Crystal Blanton : now my nose is red… LOL
12:48:24     From Erica Shadowsong : *hug* crystal and Elena
12:48:39     From River : (you look gorgeous, Crystal. Red nose not a problem 🙂 )
12:49:23     From Yeshe Rabbit : “Im not like those people…and we lose the opportunity to actually change.”
12:49:38     From Lasara Allen : yes.
12:50:12     From Crystal Blanton : yes!!!!
12:50:17     From Erica Shadowsong : Khi I think speaks to embracing discomfort, when people with perceived difference show up.  I think we all have blind spots and if we’re aware that’s part of our work we won’t feel like some kind of failure has happened because sudden discomfort has shown up
12:50:32     From Xochiquetzal, : Yes.
12:50:41     From Robin Lasirena : “The monster within you”. That was beautifully said. Thx
12:50:55     From Crystal Blanton : yes
12:50:57     From Lou Florez : loved!
12:51:06     From Yeshe Rabbit : Whoo- this panel is blowing my mind
12:51:17     From Yeshe Rabbit : You guys are bringing some deep, deep truth
12:51:36     From Janet Hayes : This recording must/will be shared far and wide!
12:51:46     From Xochiquetzal, : Not only perceived but also when they are clear differences. How one reacts on the surface and how one is reacting in the hidden parts are just as important.
12:51:52     From Vyviane : I am looking forward to rewatching and really delving into this.
12:52:00     From Vyviane : My hand hurts from notes right now
12:52:10     From Janet Hayes : I think we need a transcript, too. 🙂
12:52:11     From River : YES. I love what you’re saying about going to your Powers for more than just mundane pats on the head…
12:52:17     From Xochiquetzal, : If we can welcome people to our circles who don’t meet the narrative we expect, what are our next actions?
12:52:28     From Robin Lasirena : I keep writing down quotes. This is great.
12:52:28     From Erica Shadowsong : emotional alchemy…the conversation last night made me think about that storytelling and speaking work we do that may not look on the surface as important as some more “practical” methods
12:53:17     From Erica Shadowsong : storytelling does not use the systems that exist…it breaks them.  maybe it’s good to sometimes use existing systems for work, but what about demolishing them?  What about plundering to make way for new systems? for systemic health?
12:53:35     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : wow thanks Khi
12:53:59     From Vyviane : That was great Khi, thank you!
12:54:14     From Crystal Blanton : I am in awe of each person here
12:54:25     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Fantastic statements, Khi!  You rawk!  🙂
12:54:46     From Xochiquetzal, : #MONSTERDELEGATION
12:55:56     From Erica Shadowsong : Elena I find being a “monster” liberating as a woman.  agree with you on Lilith.  a “monstrous” person is free in a way from expectations to fit a model of beauty, of being a mirror for what others want to see in themselves
12:55:59     From Erica Shadowsong : if that makes sense
12:56:00     From River : So glad to hear Elena talking about faith. Faith is not hte same thing as magic, both have their vital importance and role.
12:56:01     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : follower of the queen of the aftermath
12:56:23     From Lou Florez : sure the hell is!!!
12:56:30     From Xochiquetzal, : IT IS
13:00:53     From Yeshe Rabbit : Keeping on keeping on as a magical practice also came up in the Earth Activism panel- strategies for lives of change.
13:01:02     From Xochiquetzal, : YUP.
13:01:12     From Xochiquetzal, : We are NOT a monolith!
13:01:25     From Lou Florez : we all get to be subject unto ourselves!
13:01:27     From Elena Rose : Yes.  Sometimes our magic is just reinforcing our resilience and endurance.
13:01:31     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Or, a “monsterlith”?
13:01:45     From Xochiquetzal, : Hee, I’m putting that on a t-shirt.
13:01:55     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : (Unless you’re a “monster” and also with Lilith…!?!)
13:02:04     From Elena Rose : Ardat-Lili represent!
13:02:14     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Hurrah!
13:02:16     From Erica Shadowsong : monsterlith LOL
13:03:24     From Yeshe Rabbit : Yes, what do you, personally, need from your allies, in order to do your good work?
13:03:44     From Erica Shadowsong : Yeshe, I just want to be known. as the unique individual I am.
13:03:55     From Yeshe Rabbit : Heard and witnessed
13:03:55     From Erica Shadowsong : I think it’s about building relationship
13:04:35     From Xochiquetzal, : Drop the hair-shirts. They’re NOT a good look.
13:05:26     From Erica Shadowsong : yeah nobody’s perfect…gotta learn to shake it off.  so agree with Black Witch.  JUst because we need it acknowledged doesn’t mean we want you to go into a corner and flog yourself senseless LOL
13:05:29     From Xochiquetzal, : If you want a cookie, open a bakery.
13:06:19     From Crystal Blanton : i want a cookie too!!
13:06:37     From Khi Armand : I’m about to go get a cookie immediately after this.
13:06:39     From Xochiquetzal, : You get a bakery. And you get a cookie. We all get cookies. Sorta.
13:06:40     From Erica Shadowsong : lol
13:06:49     From Jaina Bee : I’ll be passing out cookies at PCON
13:06:56     From Crystal Blanton : LOL!!!
13:06:57     From Khi Armand : LOL
13:07:02     From Elena Rose : We need an “ally cookie” ribbon, y’all.
13:07:07     From Lou Florez : gluten, diary free!
13:07:08     From Elena Rose : That would be hilarious.
13:07:13     From Elena Rose : See who proudly displays it.
13:07:14     From Yeshe Rabbit : Zoom has technically installed cookies for us all at this point. #technocookie
13:07:35     From Khi Armand : Lmao Yeshe!
13:07:35     From Erica Shadowsong : very good point BW
13:07:37     From Xochiquetzal, : Sweet Ganesh, YES
13:07:41     From Lasara Allen : yes, so good.
13:08:49     From Xochiquetzal, : History, today’s news stories…
13:09:19     From Erica Shadowsong : yes..understand how rare it is for some of us to be in a space where we actually feel normal…
13:09:37     From Lasara Allen : thank you so much.
13:11:00     From Khi Armand : Decentralizing.
13:11:07     From Yeshe Rabbit : #nomorepresumeddefault
13:11:17     From Lou Florez : ashe!
13:11:29     From Robin Lasirena : Not just American white supremacy. I’ve been reading a lot lately about British colonialism, which is eye opening.
13:11:46     From Elena Rose : And Spanish colonialism, speaking for my own ancestors!
13:12:37     From Lasara Allen : Yes. So good. Thank you.
13:12:38     From Yeshe Rabbit : And also looking at relationships between people of unequal power who are not white- China and Tibet are good examples. That is ethnocide, as Sam calls it.
13:13:02     From Yeshe Rabbit : We can learn from this, how to do better than the colonizer mindset.
13:13:02     From Elena Rose : My family survived the Japanese Imperial Army’s occupation of the Philippines.  Yes.
13:13:07     From Yeshe Rabbit : Yes
13:13:22     From Elena Rose : (Barely survived.)
13:13:26     From Lou Florez : inteernalized racism
13:13:34     From John Medellin : Oh geez. That is so fucking true.
13:14:00     From Erica Shadowsong : yes, just like internalized misogyny, like Elena experienced I believe
13:15:48     From Erica Shadowsong : intention does not equal impact
13:15:53     From Jaina Bee : quote of the day!
13:15:57     From Yeshe Rabbit : YES
13:16:08     From margo : yes!!
13:16:29     From Crystal Blanton : YES!!!
13:16:36     From Yeshe Rabbit : The intersectionality themes are really, really powerful in this anel
13:16:38     From Yeshe Rabbit : *panel
13:17:45     From Xochiquetzal, : I love my monsters!
13:18:06     From Lou Florez : yes!!!!!
13:18:11     From River : Yes!!
13:18:48     From River : What Khi is saying is so powerful, so vital, so true.
13:18:52     From Crystal Blanton : are there any other questions from the audience?
13:18:57     From John Medellin : Focusing by Eugene T. Gendlin, recommended by Khi:
13:18:57     From Jaina Bee : this is it
13:19:05     From Vyviane : Thanks John
13:19:34     From margo : this is amazing shadow work for all of us
13:19:47     From Khi Armand : Yaaas!
13:20:02     From Lou Florez : hell yes!!
13:20:44     From Xochiquetzal, : One of the key things about the PoC Hospitality Suite is that we will FEED YOU. We will feed you with words, with fire, with our spirit, but we will also LITERALLY FEED YOU. 😀
13:21:02     From River : 🙂 ^^
13:21:03     From John Medellin : LOL So true. Dericious foods as I recall.
13:21:04     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Which is much appreciated!  🙂
13:21:40     From Xochiquetzal, : White people tears motivate.
13:22:29     From John Medellin : ^Quote of the day right there. LOL
13:22:37     From Khi Armand : Distracting white woman tears can literally  result in financial, property, soul, and life loss.
13:22:44     From Xochiquetzal, : ^^^^
13:23:35     From Elena Rose : This is like a whole chapter of the monster book.
13:23:42     From Xochiquetzal, : Yay!
13:23:55     From Yeshe Rabbit : YES
13:24:31     From Erica Shadowsong : and also who of *us* have power
13:24:55     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : ally is not something you are, it is something you do, over and over again. you’re never done.
13:25:05     From Khi Armand : As well as move their unresolved racist-ass ancestors ON.
13:25:07     From Elena Rose : Word.
13:25:14     From Xochiquetzal, : Yes, please.
13:25:31     From Erica Shadowsong : color blind just means blind
13:25:34     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Color-blind is just damn BLIND!
13:25:45     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : ^yup
13:25:51     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Great minds think like Erica!  🙂
13:25:52     From River : So powerful, Crystal.
13:25:52     From Elena Rose : People who’re actually blind still have to deal with race.
13:25:58     From Yeshe Rabbit : yes
13:26:07     From Xochiquetzal, : I often say that my power comes FROM my struggle. My struggles have given me the power you see before you and how I wield it.
13:26:11     From Elena Rose : “Colorblindness” is a lot more willful and dishonest than that.
13:26:37     From Elena Rose : Actual blindness is a matter of ability!  “Colorblindness” is a matter of choices.
13:26:50     From River : Huge blessings, love and respect to all the panelists. Gratitude and thanks.
13:26:51     From Lasara Allen : the answers regarding allyship were extremely helpful, powerful, beautiful. Thank you.
13:26:52     From Erica Shadowsong : grateful not just to be in this conference, but to the witnesses and those taking part
13:27:06     From Lasara Allen : I mean, all of it has been!
13:27:09     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Yes, Elena…Fantastic distinction!  Thank you for that correction!
13:27:19     From Robin Lasirena : Thank you for this amazing panel. Great facilitating too.
13:27:24     From Lou Florez : critical mass of people working together to move us towards our own liberation!
13:28:01     From Yeshe Rabbit : Much reverence and gratitude to all of our presenters today, as well as thoughtful attendees. Erica, you had some awesome comments today, too. Thank you.
13:28:01     From Lasara Allen : i so deeply thank you. with all of myself I thank you.
13:28:03     From Khi Armand : The next 7 generations. What kind of world do we want to leave to our descendants?
13:28:11     From Vyviane : Thank you everyone. This was a fantastic panel and I hope it’s made availble to a larger community some day. I would love to share this with my fellow Board and Nine members in the Sisterhodood Of Avalon.
13:28:15     From Heather Freysdottir & Aika Sumeragi : I just want to say thank you to all the panelists and moderator for taking the time to share their experiences.
13:28:17     From Camilla Laurentine : Thank you so very much to everyone speaking today.  I will carry so much of what was said with me.  This was phenomenal.
13:28:19     From Xochiquetzal, : For people who want to talk more: Twitter: @TryMeOut Email:
13:28:24     From Lasara Allen : thank you so much, crystal!!!
13:28:34     From Elena Rose : I am available at
13:28:40     From Heather Freysdottir & Aika Sumeragi : I feel like I got some good, concrete suggestions from all of you
13:28:44     From Jaina Bee : deep gratitude to all here now
13:28:53     From Khi Armand : I’m available at
13:28:55     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : You are all amazing!  Thank you Crystal, Xochi, Khi, Black Witch, Elena, and everyone!
13:29:00     From Elena Rose : (Sometimes I am slow to respond!  There’s a lot to juggle.  But I’m there.)
13:29:10     From margo : This was deeply moving and inspirational. Thank you.
13:29:16     From John Beckett : thank you to all
13:29:26     From Khi Armand :
13:29:31     From alley valkyrie : thank you all so much. so so much.
13:29:46     From Xochiquetzal, : Oh, and my website:
13:32:45     From Syren Jill : So much wisdom. Thank you so much.
13:32:52     From Crystal Blanton : Thank you everyone!!!!!
13:32:55     From John Medellin : Thank you everyone!
13:33:03     From Xochiquetzal, : So much good FOOD from this!
13:33:15     From Xochiquetzal, : #PACOPOC #PACO #RITEaction 😀

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