Care and Feeding of Pagan Activists

Care and Feeding of Pagan Activists
Speaking: John Beckett (Druid & Blogger), Soli Zat Johnson (Activist & Blogger), Rhiannon Laakso (Advocate for Pagans with Diverse Abilities), Rion Roberts (Ritualist)

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Chat Text:

16:14:02     From Mark Green : Far more often, they burn out and we lose them. Sustainability, precisely.
16:16:02     From Yeshe Rabbit : If you don’t have ten minutes to meditate daily, you probably need an hour.
16:16:28     From Vyviane : Yes Yeshe!
16:16:34     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Though even one minute is better than none, right?
16:16:39     From Yeshe Rabbit : YES
16:16:52     From Soli : indeed!
16:17:08     From Xochiquetzal, : I can party all night if you let me sleep all day the next. 😀
16:17:41     From Yeshe Rabbit : They often teach you- do this mantra 100,000 times, but if you can’t, do it 10,000, if you can’t do that, do 1,000, or 100, or 27 or even one time only…but make it count.
16:18:30     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Yes, exactly…Too many people say “I can’t do 10 minutes a day” and then give up trying to do any…alas.
16:19:12     From River Devora : YES. Learning new skills is SO important!
16:19:44     From Cara Freyasdaughter : YES Nurture the next generation.
16:20:08     From Mark Green : The correlary of that rule is that when you delegate, you have to let those tasked do the task **their way**. Micromanagement is a formula for burnout on both sides.
16:20:12     From Xochiquetzal, : Also, Impostor Syndrome
16:21:17     From John Medellin, Pantheon Foundation : ^THAT
16:21:49     From Mark Green : Yes. I spent ten years kicking complete ass on local environmental issues, and convinced I had no idea what I was doing the entire time.
16:23:02     From Cara Freyasdaughter : Heilsa!
16:23:34     From Cara Freyasdaughter : yes, build the temple for the future, not just for now.
16:23:53     From Yeshe Rabbit : Yes, so build it to last, and leave good notes!
16:24:04     From Cara Freyasdaughter : exactly.
16:24:08     From Yeshe Rabbit : #historyhelpsusdobetter
16:24:22     From River Devora : This concept of continuity is so very important. Ancestors and decentants, both need to be a deeply acknowledged part of our practices.
16:25:12     From Mark Green : A part of buildng to last is making yourself redundant: training up those who will take our places. It is critically important that we not be so unreplaceable that burnout becomes inevitable.
16:25:25     From John Halstead : Thank you, John.  Great advice!
16:25:30     From Erica Shadowsong : yes
16:25:34     From Cara Freyasdaughter : ditto!
16:28:10     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : A good, and surreal, sense of humor helps, Rion…!?!  😉
16:28:24     From Xochiquetzal, : #easiertolaughthancry TRUTH
16:28:39     From Mark Green : Yes: a heavily cultivated sense of the sheer absurdity of the human endeavor helps a LOT.
16:29:51     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Really good point, Rion, on the “war” aspect of this…Even the term “ally” presumes there is a war going on.
16:30:03     From Mark Green : It’s also important to *have a LIFE*. If you don’t have one, get one: things that feed you and are not about your activism, not about issues or controversy. Creativity, community, experiences of joy. Without them, the hippocampus shrinks and depression is on its way.
16:30:43     From Yeshe Rabbit : Brain balance- art and creativity and love as well as strategy, study, and activism.
16:32:54     From Xochiquetzal, : Palestinian and Iraqi performance group are doing similar things in both those countries currently.
16:33:00     From Xochiquetzal, : groups*
16:33:43     From Erica Shadowsong : Yes to this.  I do observe sometimes comedy does harm…for example, when it normalizes and perpetuates harmful stereotypes instead of challenging them
16:34:18     From River Devora : ^^yes
16:34:19     From Erica Shadowsong : but that wouldn’t necessarily happen if it weren’t the fact it often seems the only way we can even begin talking about things no one wants to talk about
16:34:31     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Comedy, like many things, is a tool.  Tools can be used to build and destroy depending on how it is used.
16:34:42     From Mark Green : ^Yes.
16:34:42     From Soli : conference now complete with hypoallergenic cat!
16:35:33     From Carolina Amor : that´s so true for the internet
16:35:46     From Mark Green : There certainly is!
16:35:48     From Cara Freyasdaughter : Yes to everything Rion is saying. exactly.
16:36:07     From Soli : it’s easier to troll and be antagonistic than to actually communicate.
16:36:31     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Soli – Yes.
16:36:44     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : It is safer as they are a level removed.
16:37:04     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : People lose that personal connection.
16:37:17     From Yeshe Rabbit : So true
16:37:17     From Mark Green : Often, the hottest flamewars are driven by people being far too enmeshed with their issue positions. Sure, you care–that doesn’t mean that everyone who sees things differently is the scum of the Earth. Being able to create a little distance between “Who I Am” and “What I Believe” is a key skill for online communication.
16:37:55     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : We also need to remember to not make it personal.  Talk about the issue, not the person.
16:38:09     From Cara Freyasdaughter : QTIP = quit taking it personally.
16:38:12     From Yeshe Rabbit : Terminology check at the outset of any meeting would be so helpful. “When I use this term, I mean this. What do you mean?”
16:38:28     From Mark Green : Thank you, Rion.
16:38:34     From Cara Freyasdaughter : thanks!
16:38:42     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Thanks Rion!  <twinke>
16:38:54     From Vyviane : Thank you Rion! That was great.
16:38:56     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : LOL!  *= Twinkle!
16:39:48     From Rion Roberts : Thank you all for listening. Your participation means a great deal to me.
16:40:52     From Mark Green : Rhiannon, they’re asking if you can hear them.
16:42:16     From River Devora : yay butter! 😉
16:42:16     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : I regret i must leave early, my coven’s new moon gathering begins soon
16:42:22     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : and yay butter
16:42:48     From Yeshe Rabbit : Have fun, Robin!
16:43:02     From Mark Green : Feeding your spirit butter?
16:43:17     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Buttering your spirit feeder?
16:43:35     From Mark Green : Using butter to remove spirit gum?
16:43:53     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : That’s as it would have been in Irish tradition…literally!
16:44:15     From River Devora : yes! so many activists and pagans and pagan activists are getting sick.
16:44:29     From Cara Freyasdaughter : yep
16:45:34     From Rion Roberts : Numbing ourselves to the pain of the external world. A kind of self medicating for all the wrong reasons, often treating the symptoms only and not the disease
16:46:27     From Rion Roberts : I think this is particularly important. The care of the self can in itself be a form of resistance in some cases
16:48:26     From Rion Roberts : I think that much of this issue can be addressed by having event planners be more aware of the populations they serve – not assume a normative body morphology.
16:49:52     From Mark Green : Particularly in the activist sector, terrible diets and stress addiction are par for the course. If you’re not buried in work and scrambling to get it covered, often that is seen as not working hard enough, and therefore, as not caring enough about the issue goals. It’s a serious problem.
16:50:24     From Yeshe Rabbit : Intensity compulsion
16:50:57     From River Devora : on the question of accomodation – it’s important not to assume what accomodations are needed, but rather to check in wiht your own community/participants.
16:51:02     From Mark Green : Yes. Which is also a major driver of interpersonal drama and conflict in the community.
16:51:19     From Erica Shadowsong : good point mark
16:51:39     From River Devora : It would be wonderful if communities got more skilled at asking for what folks need, and asking for our own needs to get met.
16:51:47     From Rion Roberts : YES
16:51:48     From Rion Roberts : THIS
16:51:51     From Erica Shadowsong : we need to be as respectful of people and their knowledge of their bodies as we would be with how they wish to identify themselves
16:51:59     From River Devora : ^^ yes
16:52:03     From Camilla Laurentine : ^^yes
16:52:05     From Soli : I think we also need to voice when we have those needs. For a lot of us we’ve been taught not to “make a fuss” or “be dramatic” about any issues.
16:52:09     From Erica Shadowsong : the body policing really ahs to stop
16:52:20     From Erica Shadowsong : ^soli yes
16:52:45     From Cara Freyasdaughter : I think we need to be aware of our own boundaries enough to be able to share them with others.
16:52:51     From Cara Freyasdaughter : so, yes
16:54:14     From River Devora : I keep coming back to how to integrate the nourishment and inspiration so many of us get through our religious, spiritual and magical practices into this concept of self care.
16:54:15     From Rion Roberts : Over concern of the type “You’re too thin, you should eat something” or “If you maintain that body weight it won’t be good for your health” are strange formulations that objectify individuals. The force of the concern doesn’t actually acknowledge the other as a legitimate person, just a symptom.
16:54:51     From Rion Roberts : Sharing a meal is one of the most magical practices I regularly engage in!
16:54:53     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : No organizer can anticipate every need.  If you have a special need or accomodation, please notify an event organizer well in advance.  If you show up the day of, you are more than likely not going have your needs met.  Not because they do not want to, but because they won’t be equiped to accomodate.
16:55:28     From Rion Roberts : Sure, but there are strategies event planners can do to anticipate and accomodate
16:56:14     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : There are indeed Rion.  But not event organizers are equal.
16:56:16     From Xochiquetzal, : I think a big part of that is looking hard at the kind of audience you are attracting.
16:56:23     From Rion Roberts : I agree with you that a knee jerk prepared for all contingencies approach is not a viable solution. But announcements, polling, asking for RSVP for dietary and mobility concerns are possible
16:56:36     From Jaina Bee : One thing we can prepare is our attitude
16:56:40     From Shauna Aura Knight : One of my greatest challenges as a Pagan event planner/ritual designer is trying to make accomodations for different needs. Specifically, the cost. There are so many things that I could accommodate better if I had a realistic event budget, but I rent the space I can afford. However, I put a lot of effort toward accommodating what I can.
16:56:47     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Yes.  A space on reg forms is a must.
16:57:00     From Soli : I also think being aware that this may happen needs to be a big part of planning. Dietary needs don’t boil down just to being veg*n or not.
16:57:01     From Camilla Laurentine : There are certain needs that are across the board easy to accomidate, however.  Avoiding the Top-8 allergens in a meal easily helps.  Making sure that people have places to sit instead of stand.  Making sure that the place you’re holding the event has even ground so people don’t stumble.
16:57:04     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : But if you have a special need, do not wait until the day before to register.
16:57:09     From Xochiquetzal, : If your public rituals are in a space that is not accessible to wheelchairs, you’re needing to consider if people have mentioned that they would like to attend but, can’t. Because of that limit.
16:57:36     From Yeshe Rabbit : Also, having someone whose specific job it is at every event to make whoever shows up as comfortable and included as they possibly can be and want to be.
16:57:42     From Soli : Xochi, big yes!
16:58:03     From Rion Roberts : I agree, Xochi absolutely.
16:58:03     From Soli : Also having chairs for people who have fatigue-type issues and can’t stand the whole time.
16:58:26     From Soli : You are current Rhiannon.
16:58:33     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Yes.  There are some basics that can always be handled.
16:58:46     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Communication is key.
16:59:03     From Yeshe Rabbit : In CAYA we call them Tenders
16:59:06     From Camilla Laurentine : Having a list of ingredients in each food available to anyone asking for it can help.
16:59:16     From Rion Roberts : Absolutely Rev. Keith V
16:59:18     From Yeshe Rabbit : They are tending, and they need to be tender in doing it
16:59:20     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Yes Camilla!
16:59:27     From Erica Shadowsong : love it that’s a gireat point rhiannon
16:59:33     From Xochiquetzal, : And I think that’s part of the process for ritual planning. Getting people situated and then having one last check to make sure that people are where they need to be to experience fully
16:59:42     From Soli : Camilla, we actually have that at my employer’s holiday party.
16:59:43     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : In Minnesota, we call these people Tylers.
16:59:46     From Shauna Aura Knight : I have found that what makes a difference is letting people know before the ritual starts, “I’m going to ask folks to stand, dance, sing, and participate, and if you need to stay seated, you can. You can participate in whatever way you’re able.” Or something like that. People with knee issues will stand, in pain, through the whole ritual because nobody gave them permission to sit, even though there were chairs.
17:00:20     From River Devora : ^^ full disclosure, or as close as is possible is really key.
17:00:24     From Xochiquetzal, : Rev.: You and I and others here would consider it a norm to ask after and take care of these things, sometimes though, groups don’t.
17:00:43     From Camilla Laurentine : That is awesome, Soli!  I work as a secular educator for food allergen and intolerance education.  I’m SO happy to see that happening now.
17:00:54     From Xochiquetzal, : And that’s where having someone speak up for those who may feel like “not being a bother” or “not making a fuss” is important.
17:00:55     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Xochi – I agree.
17:01:08     From John Beckett : Getting up and moving in ritual is great.  Standing the whole time isn’t necessary.
17:01:40     From John Beckett : When our local group went from a bunch of college students to half to people being 50-80, we started setting chairs for rituals.
17:03:42     From River Devora : Yikes! Xochi, did you just say that those of us with trauma or disability concerns aren’t “whole or complete”?
17:03:56     From Vyviane : A simple thing we can do if you host a Panthea Con suite- Have some clearly labled gluten free, egg free, vegan foods, plain fresh fruits and veggies  etc. Our suite goes out of the way to present these foods and we often hear feedback that we are the only suite on our floor that has food people with dietary concerns can eat at.
17:04:40     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Breathing exercises are sometimes a problem for me, to start with…or asking everyone to be “completely relaxed,” which has never happened physically for me since age 5.
17:05:23     From Xochiquetzal, : I meant it in the lines of how hearing that for some of us who are new to dealing with looking at our disabilities as part of our whole, that hearing words that imply wholeness or fullness may be disheartening because we are aware of the ways we don’t meet the normative.
17:05:29     From Xochiquetzal, : Sorry if that’s not being too clear….
17:05:51     From River Devora : *nod* as a survivor, this is a hot button issue for me :/
17:06:00     From Xochiquetzal, : Yeah. Here too.
17:06:09     From Erica Shadowsong : this requires us to think differently about the spiritual world and our spirits, and forces us to face some of the same suppositions we may have in our beliefs as we might with our social expectations
17:06:10     From Yeshe Rabbit : The Gods that we are in relationship with see us as whole, regardless of our visible and invisible variations. But do we see ourselves as allowed to belong when the group talks about being whole?
17:06:23     From Yeshe Rabbit : I think we judge ourselves a lot in those cases.
17:07:25     From Yeshe Rabbit : To claim the space for wholeness on one’s own terms, with all diversity of ability, is hard work.
17:08:17     From River Devora : I want to underline something Shauna said above, about the importance of disclosure. There ar elots of wonderful rituals that happen that I won’t attend b/c it’s not what’s gonna work for me. And other ritual spaces that, with a simple accomodation, I could attend and enjoy. But it’s complicated stuff.
17:09:32     From Rion Roberts : Having a kind of point person, that perhaps helps facilitates issues of accommodations would be great.
17:09:52     From Mark Green : I do think there is a push/pull around responsibility. It isn’t the responsibility of others to anticipate our needs–we have to articulate them. But it is the responsibility of others to create a welcoming channel which enables those with needs to communicate them, and have them met as much as possible.
17:10:14     From Rion Roberts : It’s important to have a clear path of communication. This also allows people to approach someone privately rather than drawing public attention.
17:10:17     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Mark – YES!
17:10:31     From Yeshe Rabbit : Readiness to adapt in the moment is SO important.
17:10:36     From Soli : Bingo
17:10:39     From Cara Freyasdaughter : Mark—exactly
17:10:39     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Rion – YES
17:10:43     From John Beckett : As Elena said in the last panel, it’s about hospitality.
17:10:44     From Jaina Bee : hospitality
17:10:49     From Yeshe Rabbit : That incense can just as easily be sprinkled on a plate instead of burned.
17:11:24     From Cara Freyasdaughter : Jaina and john—hospitality, yes!!
17:11:30     From River Devora : ^^ depends on the ritual and on the tradition
17:12:13     From Rion Roberts : Hospitality, as a philosophical and practical concept in modern paganism would be an excellent symposium topic
17:12:30     From Yeshe Rabbit : YES!
17:12:35     From River Devora : When I was pregnant, I stopped attending most Santeria events in my community ,because cigars and cigar smoke is such a core and integral part of some of our ceremonies.
17:12:37     From Silence Maestas : As much as possible, event facilitators need to be familiar with the venue they’re using. This lets them help resolve many of the concerns that can come up unexpectedly. When  using a site for the first time, at least one facilitator ought to stop by beforehand and get familiar with the ins and out of the physical space, its resources, amenities, etc.
17:12:42     From Mark Green : I would say that traditions can bend to human needs. But I will stipulate as a caveat that I don’t believe in the literal existence of gods. If someone did, they might think The Tradition has to be followed even if it makes conditions unacceptable to someone with a sensitivity.
17:13:26     From Rion Roberts : In Haitian Vodou, we negotiate with the Lwa all the time.
17:13:48     From Soli : yes indeed
17:13:51     From River Devora : I can negotiate in my private practices, the broader commuity is harder.
17:14:10     From Rion Roberts : That’s true. I have experienced this too River
17:14:16     From Silence Maestas : And even within highly established traditions there are frequently variations that are considered authoritative, even if they are somewhat varient from the way that certain practices are usually done.
17:15:30     From River Devora : But Santeria isn’t the same as generic oen community public paganim…
17:15:36     From River Devora : open
17:16:06     From Xochiquetzal, : And in some ways, trying to get the majority to stop an expected ritual standard may end up causing a bigger rift than recognizing that in this one thing you have to NOT attend. I honor that River recognized that it was important to NOT attend for their own reasons. (I hope this makes sense.)
17:16:29     From River Devora : ^^thanks
17:16:34     From Mark Green : It does. I agree–not everything can be made accessible to everyone.
17:17:39     From Syren Jill : It sounds like differently-abled and access could be its own panel
17:17:47     From Rhiannon Laakso : true Mark
17:17:48     From Yeshe Rabbit : Agreed
17:17:51     From Xochiquetzal, : *nods* NEXT YEAR! 😀
17:17:58     From Rion Roberts : Next year!
17:18:06     From Jaina Bee : next year!!!
17:18:26     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Yes…I was sort of surprised it wasn’t on this year, but next year, eh?
17:18:32     From Jaina Bee : self care is excellent service to the world
17:18:37     From Syren Jill : and setting boundaries for ourselves! and holding people to them.
17:18:39     From Camilla Laurentine : Next year please!
17:18:39     From Rion Roberts : Just because the internet is on 24/7, we don’t need to be.
17:18:47     From Rion Roberts : Although it does fill sleepless hours
17:18:52     From Rion Roberts : It also causes them at times
17:18:52     From Mark Green : Yes.
17:18:53     From River Devora : lol yup
17:19:04     From Syren Jill : I told my family, friends, circle… this weekend I am doing this for me. If you want to participate, great, if not, leave me the fuck alone lol
17:19:16     From Erica Shadowsong : every time Soli says something about prioritizing rest and the extent to which we need to do it, I just feel so good…lol like my whole body and mind is like YES.  I feel like everyone’s walking around like that all the time in our culture…feeling like even when we try to rest, we can’t actually do it because we don’t think we deserve to
17:19:26     From Yeshe Rabbit : Sleeplessness and the Internet can make for unholy bedfellows
17:19:35     From Soli : Erica, I am so glad to hear that!
17:19:55     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : And very bad pr0n, Rabbit…
17:20:06     From Camilla Laurentine : The greatest gift disability has given me is that I am forced to rest.
17:20:07     From Erica Shadowsong : rofl
17:20:09     From Yeshe Rabbit : o_0
17:20:09     From Jaina Bee : My daily affirmation is “I belong, I am welcome, I have something to contribute, and this is enough.”
17:20:25     From Mark Green : That’s a good one, Jaina.
17:20:29     From Cara Freyasdaughter : beautiful, jaina
17:20:30     From Erica Shadowsong : camilla wow.  thank you for that
17:20:30     From Jaina Bee : ty
17:20:38     From Jaina Bee : I didn’t make it up, though
17:20:39     From Rion Roberts : Reading! Research! Usually what I should be doing while on the ol’ FB
17:20:46     From River Devora : question for the presenters – how do you use your religious or spiritual practices to help you recharge for activism or in general?
17:20:58     From Xochiquetzal, : Got it!
17:21:00     From Cara Freyasdaughter : good question, river!
17:21:41     From Vyviane : This is our last session today correct?
17:21:54     From Yeshe Rabbit : Yes 🙂
17:21:59     From Rion Roberts : River, studying the history of my practices. The social history of Haiti and the Haitian revolution is complex and a unique occurrence in modernity.
17:22:05     From Yeshe Rabbit : We are back at it tomorrow at 10 am PST
17:22:16     From Vyviane : Thanks!
17:22:58     From Yeshe Rabbit : Don’t insult people’s actual strength with ego-centered “helpfulness”
17:23:08     From Yeshe Rabbit : That is so important
17:23:09     From John Beckett : River – my practice reminds me who I serve, what’s really important. It helps me understand when I have to say “this has to be done, no matter how I feel about it”
17:23:49     From Soli : River, it reminds me that there is more to the world than just me. Especially on the bad health days, I need it.
17:24:08     From John Beckett : Soli:  YES!!!
17:24:29     From Rion Roberts : Additionally, I mediate on what is the work of my Gods and Spirits in the world. My work with Hermes in particular has lead me to political concerns I wouldn’t have original been involved with.
17:24:41     From Jaina Bee : He does that
17:25:11     From Yeshe Rabbit : Hermes is all over this Conference. This Conference IS my devotional to Hermes this year.
17:25:20     From Jaina Bee : )0+
17:25:27     From Yeshe Rabbit : )0+
17:25:52     From Soli : (oh great… ha. Hermes likes to poke me every now and then.)
17:25:58     From Rion Roberts : Io Hermes Logios!
17:26:14     From Mark Green : My practices recharge me for life in general, not just for activism. And to some degree they can serve as a shelter–I spent pretty much all of the day after Election Day working on stuff for the Atheopagan community, for example, because diving into my usual political stuff would have been far too depressing.
17:26:19     From Yeshe Rabbit : Io Hermes Pantos Apolytos!
17:26:45     From Yeshe Rabbit : Mark, that discernment is crucial.
17:26:52     From River Devora : yay chickens! me too!
17:27:06     From John Medellin, Pantheon Foundation(privately) : We’re going to ask for follow up articles on these discussions, right?
17:27:57     From Syren Jill : Activism can put us in our heads so much. For me, my practice brings me out of my head and back into my heart, spirit, and body.
17:28:03     From John Medellin, Pantheon Foundation(privately) : Could we ask Tristissima to write up something on ableism? He didn’t present, but some attendee commentary might not be bad. I think he could add to the discussion.
17:28:25     From Robin LaSirena : I try to do regular chakra cleansing as a practice to regenerate myself.
17:28:55     From Mark Green : I do a “rosary” daily based on a Buddhist serenity meditation, and that tends to pull me back from being too stuck in my head…at least for awhile.
17:29:24     From Yeshe Rabbit : chocolate, sex, dancing, yoga, meditation
17:29:30     From Yeshe Rabbit : my mama’s helpers
17:29:32     From Robin LaSirena : I’d love to learn, that, Mark.
17:29:43     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Although, Syren, if our heads aren’t part of the full picture of our personal wholeness, there is likely a problem…
17:29:53     From Rhiannon Laakso : yes!
17:29:57     From Syren Jill : Absolutely.
17:30:02     From Robin LaSirena : “All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.”  Pleasure is an important part of many of our spiritual practices.
17:30:04     From Cara Freyasdaughter : heh 🙂 I find what works best for me to get me out of my head, balance me in the right perspective in the hear and now is my 12 step program—which is the other half that balances my spiritual practice.
17:30:06     From Soli : beautiful, Sufenas.
17:30:23     From Mark Green : Robin, it’s here:
17:30:52     From Robin LaSirena : Awesome, thanks!
17:31:05     From Mark Green : Hope you enjoy!
17:31:59     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Absolutely, John!
17:32:20     From Rev Keith V, Wiccan Church of Minnesota : Thank you presenters!  Thank you facilitators.  Thank you all!  Namaste!  See you tomorrow!
17:32:26     From Vyviane : Thanks everyone! This was a great panel. I loved it! All of it!
17:32:28     From Robin LaSirena : Thanks to all.
17:32:31     From River Devora : Blessings and thanks to the panelists!
17:32:35     From Mark Green : Thank you to all the presenters–great conversation.
17:32:35     From Camilla Laurentine : Thank you, everyone!  This was a great panel!
17:32:36     From Shauna Aura Knight : Thanks all!
17:32:37     From Soli : thank you for listening to us!
17:32:41     From Cara Freyasdaughter : thanks everybody!
17:32:44     From Syren Jill : Thank you for sharing space with us!! Enjoy the rest of the evening!
17:32:58     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Wonderful, everyone!  Thanks, Xochi, Rion, Soli, Rhiannon, and John!
17:33:10     From Rion Roberts : Thank you for your questions and conversation. I am so grateful for your participation and indulgence
17:33:27     From Xochiquetzal, : #PACO #PACOCARE #RITEaction are our hashtags!
17:33:53     From Syren Jill : Its been an amazing day!

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