PACO Keynote Address by T. Thorn Coyle

Keynote Address by T. Thorn Coyle, Activist & Author

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Chat Text:

10:03:35     From Rhiannon Laakso : It’s a little weird to have my bed area displayed on the internet…
10:03:39     From Xochiquetzal, : K
10:05:26     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : a couple more non muteds
10:05:32     From Crystal Blanton : everyone’s mic needs to be muted
10:05:42     From Xochiquetzal, : on it
10:30:20     From Lasara Allen : that hits home.
10:30:59     From Mark Green : Yep.
10:31:57     From River Devora : Wisdom – learning to listen. It’s not really an in-born skill…
10:38:15     From an Elder Apprentice : Thorn,
10:38:22     From Xochiquetzal, : 510 355 7912
10:38:39     From Tiffany : How do you find listening to aid you in your work of being an ally to various communities?
10:38:58     From River Devora : \
10:38:59     From Xochiquetzal, : Got you, Tiffany.
10:39:20     From Lasara Allen : yes, that.
10:39:27     From Lasara Allen : what rabbit asked.
10:39:32     From an Elder Apprentice : Thorn, can you give one piece of guidance on how to listen and one piece of guidance on how to speak from a place of listening?
10:39:48     From Vicki : ditto Elder Apprentice’s question.
10:40:06     From Xochiquetzal, : Got you, Elder Apprentice.
10:41:20     From Vicki : I note that some people who don’t speak much need to speak out loud in community so that they can listen to themselves. They need to be heard.
10:42:11     From Camilla Laurentine : Following on the truth that some of us don’t speak enough, are there any suggestions how one can cultivate a stronger, louder voice in our community?
10:42:42     From Xochiquetzal, : Thank you, Camilla
10:43:27     From Crystal Blanton : Part of the challenge of being the marginalized and the “challenger” in community means that we often face a lot of backlash, negativity and harm as a result. How can we support the challengers, activists and marginalized voices with continuing to fill our gaps in community and encourage them despite the damage of their position.
10:43:50     From Xochiquetzal, : Thanks, Crystal.
10:44:23     From Mark Green : It is also incumbent on us to understand when someone else draws that boundary and says s/he won’t join in our preferred cause. Just because it is the top priority for one of us doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with someone who has a different priority set.
10:44:40     From John Medellin, Pantheon Foundation : ^yes
10:45:27     From Barbara Cormack : Agreed – “donor fatigue”
10:45:43     From Mark Green : Good example.
10:46:07     From Lasara Allen : i love that so much. it takes hold deep in me.
10:46:26     From Dee Shull : I have a concern, Thorn? I have been listening to you with great respect, but at the same time, when you continually use “brothers and sisters” I experience a sense of hurt and alienation. May I ask why – even with you identifying as genderqueer – you continue to use gendered language in that fashion?
10:46:32     From Yeshe Rabbit : standing on my own front line- so powerful
10:47:43     From Xochiquetzal, : Got your question, Dee.
10:50:22     From an Elder Apprentice : Yes, very useful!
10:50:31     From Crystal Blanton : very useful
10:51:55     From P. Sufenas Virius Lupus : Thank you, Dee, and thank you, Thorn!
10:52:08     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : is there an additional word or words Dee? I am unfamiliar with the specifics
10:53:04     From Yeshe Rabbit : Thank you, Dee.
10:53:21     From margo : Thank you for taking the moment to do that, Thorn. I would like to take that concept and use it in my daily interactions, to honor people’s feelings.
10:53:29     From Yeshe Rabbit : Robin, I tend to say, “the gathered” or “our kindred” for non-gendered groupings.
10:53:39     From Dee Shull : Robin, I moderated the LGBTQI and Activism panel yesterday, and we had a variety of genders on that panel – metagender (P. Sufenas Virius Lupus), genderfluid (myself), and varieties of queer. At least some people do identify as not part of the male or female set of genders.
10:53:40     From Robin Grimm, Minneapolis : cool, thanks for the info
10:57:32     From Mark Green : It starts with words. It means the world when someone thanks me for my work, especially when I’m in the line of fire.
11:00:12     From margo : That’s brillant!
11:00:40     From an Elder Apprentice : Agreed on a place to be small.
11:01:35     From Xochiquetzal, : Yes, that reactionary stance automatically raises barriers where none should be.
11:01:40     From Mark Green : YES. Assume good faith, rather than the framework of any other position being a personal betrayal.
11:02:19     From Lasara Allen : thank you, thorn.
11:02:23     From Crystal Blanton : Love you Thorn
11:02:26     From Mark Green : Thank you, Thorn.
11:02:29     From Vyviane : Thank you Thorn!
11:02:29     From Lasara Allen : deeply appreciated.
11:02:33     From Camilla Laurentine : Thank you so very much!
11:02:37     From Syren Jill : Thank you Thorn! Gratitude.
11:02:42     From Rion Roberts : Many thanks and infinite gratitude.
11:02:46     From Lasara Allen : I’m grateful for you, and for each time we interact.
11:02:48     From Heather Freysdottir : thank you all!
11:02:49     From Barbara Cormack : Wonderful to hear from you all.
11:02:49     From an Elder Apprentice : Thank you thorn and to all the listeners.
11:03:47     From margo : Thank you !
11:03:56     From Dee Shull : Thank you Thorn


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