The Wild Hunt’s 2014 Fall Funding Drive

WH2014_BIGToday is the beginning of The Wild Hunt’s 2014 Fall Funding Drive, a fiscally sponsored organization of the Pantheon Foundation.

We’re asking for a base budget of $12,500 dollars to run for another year, and we’re hoping that you will help us not only meet this goal, but surpass it and allow The Wild Hunt to do even more. The more we raise, the more we can do. Want to see more regular columnists? Want to see more staff writers? Then founder Jason Pitzl-Waters would love to see us push well past that base goal in the coming month. There are many thousands of readers out there, and it would only take a fraction donating to not only fund us, but help us greatly expanding the coming year!

Here is the direct link to the Indigogo Campaign.

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