Annual Report 2017

The Foundation has been soul searching to reawaken its mission: To provide organizational support for the practice of Pagan religion and the fostering of Pagan Ministry. To study the history, promote the culture, and advance the social welfare of Pagans and the Pagan community.

We have recentered on our original core organization. The Foundation began as the need for the OSOGD to be non-profit strengthened, but why solve a problem for only one group? Why not create an organization that would require us to practice community development and network building? As other co-creators came in, the direction of that development had a social justice activism character to it from those collaborators. Without them, we have returned to our core strengths.

Our function is primarily religious. We create opportunities for folk to practice Pagan religion. We educate, mostly Pagan people about the history, culture, and practice of Pagan religion.

Our social activism has not ended, but re-centered on the power of religion to create, to critique, and to convey the values of individuals and society. By this we change the problematic element in our world today: humans.

The tool we are using for organizing and to collect the necessary power to cause change is the coin, most overlooked of the magical tools. We deliver financial (and other) services in exchange for a percentage of traffic (10% of deposits) as a way of paying for the professional delivery of those services. For the moment, because our needs are small we have suspended our work with Jitasa, an accountancy specializing in nonprofit organizations. Once we expand sufficiently we will reactivate that relationship.

Today we provide fiscal sponsorship for the OSOGD and the Temple of Innana and Demuzi, relatively small operations ($5k, $1k), and so generating $600 of operating budget per year. Over time as more groups or projects need 501(c)(3) coverage and the financial services to do that easily, we expect that number to grow.

Projects are a powerful way to make headway in the world. The OSOGD has just started a distance learning program using Zoom on the Foundation’s contract (costing $140 ann.). This brought in $500 its first month ($50 in fees). Eventually we will be back at Jitasa-level funding.

As ever, fees collected for services are how we fund our operations. All donations we have ever been given have been held for use in initiatives. For example, we have collected funds for specific usages such as the Diotima Fund, providing a small scholarship to Master of Divinity students at accredited seminaries. However, we also have a special fund of the seed money that we were given when we launched. This $3,000 is awaiting the right project or initiative. Do you have any ideas? Let us know at

Once we find a person with accountancy and bookkeeping skills we will certainly resume the Jitasa service. We are also seeking a skilled communications person, too. If you can recommend anyone or are interested, please contact us.

A loaf of bread is the result of many seeds. From many small works comes great benefit.
For the Foundation,
sam webster, phd
executive director
pantheon fundation

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