2016 Annual Report

The past year for the Pantheon Foundation has been a quiet one. We have been regrouping after the changes in our constituency. In this station-keeping mode, we have been supporting our fiscal sponsorees, consolidating our infrastructure, and preparing for our next cycle of work.

Drawing on our depth of skill and resources, the OSOGD will be launching a new distance learning program called the “Golden Dawn Academy” to serve the many interested students who have contacted the Order but who live outside the San Francisco Bay area. The program will deliver the classes using the Zoom video conferencing platform and record them for asynchronous use. The first of several planned courses will be the core Golden Dawn curriculum as taught by the OSOGD. Enrollment is currently open and classes start April 13, 2017.

Financially, we are stable, if lean. Donated funds have been segregated from operational finances and we are investigating various initiatives with which to benefit the Pagan community by deploying those funds. Suggestions and ideas are most welcome.

We will be at PantheaCon again this year. Come visit us in our suite shared with the OSOGD and the Am Duat Shrine, say hello and have a drink!

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