Our Annual Report

Friends and Supporters of the Pantheon Foundation,

I am pleased to release our first annual report. It is something of a mix, but it contains a real vision for the future. We would very much appreciate any comment or feedback you have to offer. We are especially interested in your views of how the Foundation could be of greater service to you and the Pagan community. Please write us at info@pantheonfoundation.org.

You can find the pdf of the report here.

We felt it important that we release this report on the Solstice, but our accounting work is not complete. We apologize, and expect it to be complete and posted during the week between the holidays. Please check back at the turn of the year.

We here at the Pantheon Foundation wish you all the brightest blessings of the Yuletide Season, and all health and prosperity in the New Year!
Sam Webster, executive director
Pantheon Foundation

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